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The Gi Exchange

Since the start of Guyjitsu I have wanted to find a way that the brand isn’t just selling related products, but actually helping the community grow in one way or another. One thing about the sport and art that has always bugged me, is the barrier to entry, of cost. I can’t do anything about gym fees, but I figured out a way to make kimonos just a little bit more affordable. Spawned from what I have seen in the sneaker world, it occurred to me there is a similar ethos around gis. Without going into detail, this is how we got here, The Gi Exchange.

I have been working hard in the background to get to this point. Everything is up and running, we are getting in kimonos for sale daily and they are being posted. Everything is manually done by myself currently. The Gi Exchange is no where near what I envision in the long term. But we gotta start somewhere. So give the pages a follow. DM if you got a gi to trade or sell or want to buy. Most importantly, keep rolling 🤙🏽


Thank you to those that have been helping in the background from design work to just quick convos around concept and mechanics. You are all highly appreciated and loved! ❤️

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