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Photo cred: Roarke Bouffe

Hi, I'm Guy. As you can guess by the name GuyJitsu, I have an intense relationship with Brazilian Jiujitsu. Basically, this is my brand.


I have been involved with martial arts my entire life. From competing as a kid in Judo to representing my country (South Africa) in Muay Thai across the globe. I've fought MMA and now compete and coach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Lucky for me I also work for one of the world's premier MMA promotions in Africa.

I've always found there's a lack of clothing within the martial arts apparel that appeals to me.  So my partner and I decided to start making stuff that we want to wear everyday. Fun. Casual. Minimal. Being a nerd, pop cultural references relating to BJJ is largely what you can expect. It really is that simple of an origin story. Hope you enjoy and happy rolling. Also, Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.

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