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I have been involved in many conversations over the years as to how many South African Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts there are. At first thought the conversation always starts off at a throw away number of between 5-15, but then we start listing them. The number surges almost exponentially. Next thing, just off the top of our heads we have listed 30 people, which leaves one wondering, how many are there. Several people in the community have attempted this before and I have decided I have the means and ability to follow through and build a place that can list a decent database of South African Black belts.

Obviously, there will be mistakes and people left out. Not on purpose, but unfortunately we are building the database and there is no one place for the information we need. If there is a mistake or someone that should be added, please message us. This is a living document that will always be growing as the the South African community grows.

I am also very aware of certain people who contribute to our community in very positive ways, but (as far as my knowledge goes) are not South African. They are embedded in our community and I believe deserve recognition within it.

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Can you add me to that list please?

Greg Ferguson

Black belt

Under professor Marco Canha

Fightzone London

Originally from

Oct 24, 2022
Replying to

Howzit Greg! Great thanks for reaching out! Can you please DM me.

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