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GuyJitsu 13 - Send It Sundays

We sending it on Sunday! Anyone know what that actually means? Anyway, latest vlog from some of the highlights from the past few months in lockdown. Special thanks to my new flatmate and training partner, Cameron Pritchard for making life fun during these trying times.

Covid-19 hit all of us hard, forcing us to sit in isolation in some way or another. I had the fortune of a new flatmate moving in, in no other than one of my training partners, Cameron Pritchard. You might have seen some of our content we have been putting out under the Higher Rolling banner. In this latest episode of GuyJitsu, I decided to keep it fun and light hearted, remembering some of the good times and very little BJJ. Cause we down to level 2 now in South Africa! We also launched a bunch of new products on, so if you looking for a hoodie to keep warm, or a ranked buff for doing some training check it out.

Latest episode premieres tonight at 19:00 CAT. Check it out. who actually won the game of SKATE even though its a draw?

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